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About RateLink

Where We Started
RateLink started providing mortgage professionals timely and accurate data as a means to a competitive advantage over 30 years ago. Today, the biggest and smallest mortgage companies in the United States rely on RateLink for their daily market guidance. Take a minute to meet the President and Founder and you will quickly understand the unique and invaluable insights RateLink provide:

Invaluable Perspective - Eric Holloman from RateLink

Eric Holloman is the President and founder of RateLink. Prior to creating RateLink, Eric worked for many years in Secondary Marketing for a major National Mortgage Corporation in which he ran the mandatory and best efforts commitment desks, set daily pricing, securitized and sold bonds, and negotiated with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Eric used the knowledge obtained from his Secondary Marketing years to create an industry first market reporting system that takes complex pricing calculations and conveys them to mortgage professionals in a quick, clear, and concise method that many have since tried to imitate.